A dental crown is a cosmetic restoration tool used to improve the shape of your tooth and help strengthen it at the same time. Tooth crowns, also known as “tooth caps,” are commonly used on teeth that are broken, cracked, worn or partially destroyed due to tooth decay.

What is a dental crown? A dental crown is a full-covering cap that will be cemented onto a tooth. When the procedure is finished, the dental crown becomes the new outer surface of your tooth. 

Occasionally, we might need to do a partial crown. Partial crowns are used when a tooth does not have sufficient strength to hold a dental filling.



Patients who are in need of crowns are usually experiencing significant pain in the area. Our fantastic doctors will alleviate the discomfort by placing a CEREC dental crown.


At The Village Dental Center, we use CEREC crowns because of their resemblance to real teeth. This way, our patients’ smiles can remain beautiful and natural. 


At The Village Dental Center, we can place crowns in one day due to our advanced CEREC crown technology. This way patients can be relieved from pain sooner.


In other offices, you might have a temporary crown placed in your mouth while an order is placed for your actual crown. You then have to schedule an additional appointment for your crown to be placed. In our office, Dr. Harmon, DMD, will personally design your crown on the CEREC machine using 3D software, and that design will be sent to our in-office milling unit. The crown will be prepared in a matter of minutes and ready for immediate use once cemented.

In our Sun City West office, we offer same-day dental crowns so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time at the dentist’s office.


Receiving a dental crown with CEREC technology has many benefits for patients. These include:

  • Time: With CEREC, crowns can be made and placed on the same day right within our Sun City West office. This allows a patient to reduce their visits to the office, giving them more time at work or with their family.
  • Comfort: Patients who need a crown are usually discovered because they are experiencing pain. With CEREC, patients can receive their crowns quickly, meaning their pain will be alleviated sooner.
  • Aesthetics: CEREC crown technology creates crowns that mimic the appearance of natural teeth by using tooth-colored ceramic materials. This way the patient’s appearance isn’t affected.
  • Strength: CEREC uses milled ceramic which is stronger than traditional dental layering and pressing. This way your crown will be better protected against damage.
  • Fillings: Our team can also use CEREC technology for dental fillings. CEREC fillings are stronger and more durable than traditional dental fillings.


Dr. Harmon, DMD, analyzes the case before even starting and will provide a personalized consultation to show what is possible for each unique case.

Dr. Harmon, DMD, then analyzes the size and shape of the teeth, the gum height, the midline, and overall dimensions of the teeth to create the perfect smile.

After preparing the teeth, Dr. Harmon, DMD, personally designs each case using the CEREC technology. Since every smile is unique, Dr. Harmon, DMD, makes sure to take time to perfect the smile design during this step.

Once designed, the dental crowns are sent to the mill for fabrication. This process takes only minutes to complete.

Dr. Harmon, DMD, then takes the time to make slight adjustments to the milled teeth. This will ensure all the details are added.

The purple tooth crowns are glazed and put through a sintering process to strengthen and to bring out the true color of the teeth. Each case is custom shaded to ensure the right brightness and color are chosen for each patient.

The finished dental crowns are analyzed before final placement. If necessary, adjustments are made to ensure proper fit and shape.

Analysis of the final dental crowns shows corrected midline, gum height, tooth proportion, and overall healthy smile.


What are dental bridges? Tooth bridges are used to replace missing teeth, to help maintain the shape of your face, and to relieve stress on your bite.

A dental bridge will place artificial teeth where your missing teeth once were. This process will give you a more natural-looking smile, and it will “bridge” the gap where one or more teeth might have been. The bridge placed in your mouth might be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials and bonded to neighboring teeth for additional support.

A successful dental bridge is defined by its foundation — your teeth, gums, or bone to which the bridge is attached. In order to maintain a successful bridge, it is important to care for your natural teeth, gums, and jaw.

When appropriate, the dental bridge will be done in our office near Surprise, AZ, using the CEREC technology.




Our outstanding and experienced staff can provide you with a dental bridge that restores the appearance of your smile. With an elevated appearance, your self-confidence and desire to show off your smile will increase.


If you are missing a tooth, your jawbone can begin to lose strength in that area which affects your face shape. A dental bridge can resolve this problem by filling the area and reinforcing the jaw bone.


If you have missing teeth, it can affect how you speak and chew. By filling the gaps with a dental bridge, speaking and chewing will become easier now that your mouth is free from holes.


Farmboy 1948
Farmboy 1948
Village Dental Center has never let me down when it comes to pleasant people and quality of service and care
Cheryl Weathersby
Cheryl Weathersby
I’m not fond of going to the dentist, as I had some negative experiences as a child. My experience with Dr Harmon was so good! He made me feel like he really cares and was informative and kind. I also felt he did what needed to be done and never felt like I was being “sold” to. This is a work of art for him, and he is very good at it!!
Marilyn Engelken
Marilyn Engelken
They are all very thoughtful and caring. If one must go to the dental, this is the place to go. They are almost like a friend.
Steve Dahms
Steve Dahms
Skilled and Professional
Robert Sayer
Robert Sayer
Very Professional Staff & very thorough in their work!! Highly recommend them for all of your Dental needs!!
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
I continue to be amazed at the staff's kindness and professionalism at The Village Dental Center. Today, I was in for a routine cleaning and follow-up. I was so impressed by Marge, my dental hygienist. Her knowledge and skill made the cleaning relaxing and informative. She took time to make sure I understood the dental care instructions, and her personality made the time pass quickly. I was highly impressed that Dr. Harmon came in to check on me even though I was not on his schedule. I felt that he genuinely cared about me and the success of my dental care. I have not experienced this with any other dentist. When checking out, Ashley was there to greet me. She was so engaging, and I made a new friend. I am so happy that I had all my dental care with them. I have recommended them to numerous people and will continue to do so. If you are considering a smile makeover or any dental care, see Dr. Harmon and his staff; you will not stop smiling the moment you do. I love my smile! Thank you, Dr. Harmon, and the excellent staff at the Village Dental Center.
Joyce Lloyd
Joyce Lloyd
I am so pleased with Village Dental! Staff is exceptional; Dr. Chesser, Margaret and everyone else. I am very happy with the treatment plan and the results. Thank you!
Joy Rudnick
Joy Rudnick
Dr. Harmon and his entire staff are the best...deserving of five stars.


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Dr. Matthew Harmon, Dr. Wayne Chesser, and their team at The Village Dental Center in Sun City West, Arizona, have created a different kind of dental practice – one that develops relationships with their patients that can last a lifetime.  They have the expertise and technology to provide same-day dental crowns, superb cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, general dentistry, and so much more to their patients. They serve patients from throughout all of West Valley including from the communities of Sun City West, Surprise, Corte Bella, Peoria, Litchfield Park, Goodyear, Glendale, Vistancia, and Buckeye, AZ, and zip codes 85374, 85375, and 85379.