Meet Dr Chesser

The Village Dental Center

Sun City West dentist Dr. Chesser of The Village Dental Center

Sun City West Dentist Dr. Wayne Chesser, DDS

Dr. Matthew Harmon and the team at the Village Dental Center are thrilled to welcome Dr. H. Wayne Chesser as Dr. Harmon’s new clinical partner.  Dr. Harmon chose Dr. Chesser because he is an accomplished dentist, and they both share the same patient-centered philosophy- provide patients with excellent, comfortable dental care using the latest technology to create outstanding patient experiences and outcomes. 

Dr. Chesser graduated from the renowned University of Colorado Dental School where he was awarded the certificate of recognition from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry for his outstanding work as a dental student with implant dentistry.  After graduating he has been practicing dentistry in Tucson.   

Before dental school, Dr. Chesser received a degree in Business from Arizona Western College in his hometown of Yuma, AZ.  After graduation, Dr. Chesser then began working at the Yuma Army Test Center as a civilian contractor for six years before he found the profession of dentistry calling his name.  Skilled with his hands, very comfortable with technology, and articulate in conversation, Dr. Chesser and his wife Holly (along with their five daughters) decided to head back to school and start a second career.  To prepare for dental school, he was awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation to attend Northern Arizona University in the Biology program.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Chesser and his whole family are pure outdoor lovers, with the passion to ride dirt bikes, mountain bikes, snowboards, or just about anything else outdoors that is fun and fast. Additionally, they love to camp, hike, swim, boat, and travel. Dr. Chesser also played competitive ice hockey from the time he was young all the way through dental school.  He still has all his natural teeth, unlike many hockey players, so he was destined to be a dentist from the get-go.

A man with a very big heart, while in dental school Dr. Chesser had the chance to serve different communities in health clinics all over the state.  He looks forward to more opportunities to give back as he and his family settle into the west side of the Valley and put down roots.

Sun City West dentist Dr. Chesser with his family