“Restorative Dentistry?”

Restorative Dentistry refers to corrective and restorative procedures that support the future health of your teeth. This will include any treatment to restore missing teeth, a cracked tooth, or major tooth decay. Restorative dentistry focuses on improving the well-being and functionality of your teeth. Depending on the dental issues at hand, the procedures included in restorative dentistry can vary.


You may feel unsure of what situations call for restorative dentistry, so understanding the causes may be beneficial. Some situations that call for restorative dentistry are missing teeth, tooth decay, oral trauma, or cracked teeth. These dental issues can cause further damage to your teeth and mouth. If you feel pain in your mouth when you chew, talk, or drink, restorative dentistry may help you.



Though these restorative procedures support your oral health, they also improve your smile. Restoring missing teeth, a cracked tooth, or decaying cavities will refine the appearance of your smile.


By helping you restore your oral health, your attitude, behaviors, and lifestyle will improve. You will be proud of your restored smile and eager to show it off to others.


Our trusted doctors at The Village Dental Center are focused on restorative dentistry procedures that will improve the health of your teeth, as well as prevent further damage. The lasting results will make you never want to stop smiling. 


If you have multiple cavities that have compromised the structure of your teeth, or simply need to resolve a broken or weak tooth, dental crowns may be your solution.

At The Village Dental Center, the procedure will take only one visit. By examining the structure of your tooth, our doctors will generate a digital scan to capture its details. This scan will serve as a blueprint for creating a crown that closely matches the appearance of your original tooth. Once crafted, the crown will be securely cemented in position, seamlessly replacing the decayed tooth.


It is essential to replace any missing teeth to prevent discomfort and potential issues in your mouth. The absence of teeth can increase stress on the remaining ones, making everyday activities like chewing uncomfortable. Additionally, the lack of teeth can lead to shifting in your mouth, which may contribute to an aged appearance. To address these concerns and explore suitable solutions, we recommend discussing dental implants with our experienced professionals, Dr. Harmon, DMD, and Dr. Chester, DDS. They can provide valuable guidance on whether dental implants are a suitable option for you.

An implant crown looks just like your natural tooth, but it is made of porcelain. The dental implant is actually made up of two parts: the titanium-body implant and the tooth-colored porcelain crown. The implant is attached to your jawbone to help keep it in place. The crown is then placed on the implant to complete the process and help make your smile.

Occasionally, your dentist might use dental implants to support your dentures—especially your bottom dentures—that might become displaced while talking or eating. Patients with removable dentures might get implants to stabilize them to create a more natural smile.

Thanks to their training, knowledge, and skill, Dr Harmon, DMD and Dr. Chester, DDS, is able to complete the restorative process in a fraction of the time compared to most dental offices since he uses the CEREC technology. 


There are several reasons why dentures may be necessary, including severe decay, dental breakdown, teeth that cannot be restored, and existing missing teeth. In addition to addressing chronic toothaches, gaps, and gum pain, dentures can also restore proper bite and function, enhancing your ability to eat and speak comfortably. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it is advisable to explore dentures as a potential solution for improving your oral health and overall well-being.

Through skilled doctors and modern technology, The Village Dental Center offers traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures, and permanent dentures. Depending on your dental goals, our doctors will make a series of impressions of your jaw in order to create molds for your dentures. Once done, the mold will be placed on your teeth to make sure all measurements are correct. Then a final denture will be cast and placed on your teeth. You may choose to have them permanently placed on your teeth or easily removed.


For repairing gaps, loose teeth, and missing teeth, The Village Dental Center offers dental bridges as a restorative procedure. These dental issues may cause further misalignment or shifting that need to be prevented. Dental bridges are tailored to fit the shape of your teeth and mouth without any surgery, to prevent any further issues. 

Bridges can be made from porcelain, metal, or ceramics. The composite chosen will be designed to look like your natural teeth and will be placed in the position of your missing teeth. This procedure is nonremovable and will improve your oral functions.


If there is damage or decay to a tooth’s structure, the dentist at The Village Dental Center may recommend treatment for an inlay or onlay. The difference between these two procedures is minor, however, both will restore tooth structure.


When your tooth begins to show symptoms of infection or nerve damage, your doctor may recommend undergoing a root canal. This procedure is centered on removing the inflamed or infected pulp and nerve. Once done, the inside of the tooth will be disinfected, cleaned, and shaped. Then the space will be filled in order to seal the space.


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