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Everyone wants a  healthy white, bright smile and The Village Dental Center offers several services for cosmetic dentistry in Sun City West near Surprise, AZ. Dr. Harmon, DMD, and his team are committed to providing a comfortable atmosphere while they listen to your needs and suggest the appropriate method to give you a smile that you want to share. Click the following links to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services near Surprise, AZ.

Patient photos before dental crowns in Sun City WestCosmetic Dentistry

Confidence Starts with Your Smile

We are excited to offer great cosmetic dentistry to our Sun City West patients. Cosmetic dentistry has a way of not only improving your smile, it can also have a dramatic effect on your confidence. Do you feel you need an upgrade in your confidence? How would you like to smile without holding back? We can help you achieve a beautiful, perfect smile at our Sun City West office.

Thanks to our CEREC Same Day Crown Technology your case can be completed in a shorter time than most other Arizona dental offices.

Here's the Process...

Cosmetic dentistry patient near Surprise, AZDr. Harmon, DMD, analyzes the case before even starting and will provide a personalized consultation to show what is possible for each unique case.

Cosmetic dentistry patient in Sun City West AZDr. Harmon, DMD, then analyzes the size and shape of the teeth, the gum height, midline, and overall dimensions of the teeth to create the perfect smile.

Dr. Harmon working on CEREC dental crowns patient in Sun City West, AZAfter preparing the teeth, Dr. Harmon, DMD, personally designs each case using the CEREC technology. Since every smile is unique, Dr. Harmon, DMD, makes sure to take time to perfect the smile design during this step.

CEREC dental crowns milling in Surprise, AZOnce designed, the dental crowns are sent to the mill for fabrication. This process takes only minutes to complete.

Porcelain dental crowns in Sun City WestThe tooth crowns are milled out of blocks of porcelain. Dr. Harmon, DMD, then takes the time to make slight adjustments to the milled teeth. This will ensure all the details are added.

Purple crowns CEREC dental crowns being made in Sun City West, AZThe purple tooth crowns are glazed and put through a sintering process to strengthen and to bring out the true color of the teeth. Each case is custom shaded to ensure the right brightness and color are chosen for each patient.

For examples, see our Before and After Gallery

Finished dental crowns from Sun City West cosmetic dental practiceThe finished dental crowns are analyzed before final placement. If necessary, adjustments are made to ensure proper fit and shape.

CEREC dental crowns process with Sun City West cosmetic dentistAnalysis of the final dental crowns show corrected midline, gum height, tooth proportion, and overall healthy smile.

patient before and after photos for cosmetic dentistry in Sun City West